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Hi there...Happy September!! We hope you enjoy our spotlighted businesses for the month. Blossoms at Home takes pride in recognizing both local and non-local; small and large, Black Owned Businesses to encourage our audience, clients, and customers to support something new in hope to increase sells, inquiries, business partnerships; and ultimately give you new places to shop! 


Have a business you'd like to see featured? Complete the form below and we'll do our best to include them in the spotlight!

Style-Taneous Styles logo.webp

Located in the heart of Ferguson, MO; Style-Taneous Styles fashion boutique specializes in customized and imported wardrobe fashion styling for both men and women. Style-Taneous Styles provides fashions that stimulate the eyes by bringing high fashion to anyone's wardrobe. It's a sleek, sophisticated, classy way of styling, yet a simple art of expressing one's inner fashionista. Shop latest styles online here or contact the boutique for your styling needs:


Facebook: Kawana Waddell

Instagram: styletaneous_styles

Want to see your Black Owned Business featured? Have a business you love to support? Leave the information below and we’ll get back to you.

Imagine cleaning your home, lighting a candle, and then trying to find the right music to play in the midst. We all do it, right? But, imagine a candle that takes care of it for you (well, besides the actual cleaning)! Wicked Wix is truly stepping up the candle game (inserts handclap). I've always been one to have a bin or box full of candles, but none like these! Love the smell of warm and yummy treats? Wicked Wix not only has a candle for that, but a candle that looks like the very thing you'd want to devour. Yes, a cinnamon roll shaped candle that actually smells like a cinnamon roll or pecan pie candle that smells just as freshly baked pie. The new "Playlist Candles" contain a QR code on the back that you can scan, and a hand selected playlist, ranging from Reggae to Gospel to R&B will play; all while enjoying the comforts of your home! These are just a few amazing items you can expect to see from Wicked Wix.


So, if I haven't convinced you yet, go check out Wicked Wix here


Also, as a special gift to you: all Blossoms at Home guests, clients, customers, followers, and supports can receive $5 off all orders for $25 or more for the month of September with the code, BLOSSOMS

Wicked Wix Logo.jpg

Ok, where do I start!! First let me say this: Ken's Lemonade is a division of Kenneth Lockett Enterprises and you can expect to get all of your bases covered with just once click to his website. Kenneth not only offers great tasting lemonade (Simply Lemonade, who?!), but offers a variety of administrative and event decorating support.  His talents have even landed him time on WE TV's, Bridezillas! 


Mr. Lockett's multiple talents definitely keep him busy and we can chat about all of the various business sectors at a later date; but this lemonade...WILL NOT disappoint!! Local delivery or pickup can be coordinated with your purchase. I assure you, your tastebuds will be satisfied!

Dip'd By Kay

Delicious dipped treats!! That's it...that's the post! 

But in all seriousness, the treats are the bomb!! I love when I can see, and taste, the time and patience of an individual operating in their craft. Each treat, or piece of fruit, is cleaned to rid of dirt and/or wax; and the even, shiny coat of chocolate is perfection!! 

Dip'd By Kay is an amazing business in St. Louis, MO providing caramel, chocolate, and candy dipped treats such as strawberries, apples, rice krispy treats, and pretzels to local individuals, parties, and events. 

To submit your orders, please contact Mrs. Kayla Ketchum: 


Instagram: dipdbykay

Dip'd by Kay logo.png.jpg
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