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Hi there...Happy August!! We hope you enjoy our spotlighted businesses for the month. Blossoms at Home takes pride in recognizing both local and non-local; small and large, Black Owned Businesses to encourage our audience, clients, and customers to support something new in hope to increase sells, inquiries, business partnerships; and ultimately give you new places to shop! 


Have a business you'd like to see featured? Complete the form below and we'll do our best to include them in the spotlight!

BRAVE Essentials.jpg

August 2021

BRAVE Essentials specializes in naturally handcrafted skin and hair care products! BRAVE Essentials will provide you with all the necessary products to clean, nourish, moisturize, and grow. Easy to sound as though the products are nourishing the soul rather than your skin and hair, but that's just how being BRAVE works. And while you enjoy all of that, enjoy the amazing candles and wax melts through the new Luxury Home Fragrance line! They will not disappoint. 


Be bold....Be beautiful....Be BRAVE!

Delivery or local store pickup is offered. 

Use my code at checkout for 10% off: FLOWERGIRL10

August 2021

Best Life by Count (BLBC) Herbals offers handcrafted herbal products made from the earth that heal and nourish the human body. BLBC Herbals offers tea blends, sage, liquid extracts, body products, and herbal hair care products. Listen, if you don't buy anything else, buy the famous Hair Potion and Magical Edge Control!! BLBC Herbals is sure to help you meet your hair, and beard, goals as the products have amazing strengthening, softening, and growing properties! Have dry skin? Try the Tangible skin butter!

BLBC Herbals logo.jpg
Tiff Honey Comb.jpg

August 2021

Curls, Coils, Beard! Tiff Honey Comb is taking care of the men and the women! Ladies, get your coils nourished and hydrated. Men, get your beard cleansed and softened. What else provides a deeper clean than charcoal? Offering cleansers, shampoos, and conditioners with this key ingredient, your hair-or beard-will truly thank you!

Want to see your Black Owned Business featured? Have a business you love to support? Leave the information below and we’ll get back to you.

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