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May 2022

Hi there Flower Buds...Happy May!! We hope you enjoy our spotlighted businesses for the month. Blossoms at Home takes pride in recognizing both local and non-local; small and large, Black Owned Businesses to encourage our audience, clients, and customers to support something new in hope to increase sells, inquiries, business partnerships; and ultimately give you new places to shop! 


Have a business you'd like to see featured? Complete the form below and we'll do our best to include them in the spotlight!


I live in St. Louis where amongst other things, we LOVE pickles!! {Side note: I'm not originally from St. Louis, so no; I do not like pickles, onion, and bread with my fish...LOL}


Now back to this amazing business. A-List Pickles is the truth and their owner, Mrs. Niasia Lee is simply amazing!! You can easily purchase pickles from a local store, but these aren't your average pickles. With 15 available flavors, you're bound to find one you love. If you like sweet, she has it. Hot, she has it, sweet and hot? Fruit flavors? Yep, Mrs. Lee has it all! A-List Pickles are great to enjoy by themselves, on a sandwich, or with your fish - if that's what you're in to. With every bite, you taste high quality ingredients and the love poured into each jar (For the church folks out taste the oil)!!! 

Contact A-List Pickles today to place your order. If you live outside of St. Louis, shipping is offered. 

Phone: (314) 718-7054


Aundrea Love Collection  is an amazing, and affordable, online boutique based in Dallas, Texas. A.L.S. provides classy, sexy, yet sophisticated, apparel for women. I have had the pleasure of making my first purchase recently and I can't wait to wear my two piece peplum set! Ladies, it's May; which means travel season has begun! Check out Aundrea Love Collection for some amazing, unique pieces for those summer trips!


*All pictures are not my own*

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