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novembER 2021

Hi there...Happy November!! We hope you enjoy our spotlighted businesses for the month. Blossoms at Home takes pride in recognizing both local and non-local; small and large, Black Owned Businesses to encourage our audience, clients, and customers to support something new in hope to increase sells, inquiries, business partnerships; and ultimately give you new places to shop! 


Have a business you'd like to see featured? Complete the form below and we'll do our best to include them in the spotlight!

Latte Lounge.jpeg
latte flight.jpeg

This adorable coffee shop in the heart of North County St. Louis is owned by a 23 year-old serial entrepreneur. Recently, a second location (Latte Lounge + HG Eatery) has opened in Downtown St. Louis offering both their amazing coffee menu and an all-day brunch menu....amazing, right?! Latte Lounge is also the home of-get this-Latte Flights. Yep, instead of a wine tasting flight, enjoy a variety of lattes by ordering an amazing flight. How neat! 


The owner and her staff are so welcoming and both locations are simply amazing. The perfect place to sip your coffee and whoosh!! I will say, though I have my own coffee bar at home, I'm guilty of visiting Latte Lounge quite frequently!

 Latte Lounge + HG.jpeg

Okay! Like, seriously the cutest coffee shop!! Filled with flowers, natural sunlight, an amazing coffee menu, and the cutest atmosphere. C. Oliver's Flower + Coffee Bar is a great place to grab a latte, flowers for your home, study, chat with a friend, or in my case-sip coffee and take pictures by the adorable flower wall!

The owners and their staff are amazing! With two locations in the St. Louis area (Maplewood & the St. Louis Galleria Mall), I'd suggest checking them out whenever you need a coffee fix. But, I mean, when do you not?!

C. Oliver.jpeg

*All pictures are not my own*

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