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DIY Walk-In Closet

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

{Turning a spare bedroom into a walk-in closet}

Hey there, Flower Buds {I know it's been a minute}☺️🌷!! ...But I'm back with my closet reveal!!

Ok, raise your hand if you watched my closet reveal on TikTok and Instagram! If you haven't, go check it out here:

TikTok - @flowergirl_1987

Instagram - @flowergirl_87; @blossomsathome_

But, back to the room details...Umm check out the before picture from when I first bought my home. All of the bedrooms were going to get updated (which, I'm not done with the others yet, btw). With a change of wall color, light fixture, add some bookshelves, clothing rods, and curtains, my closet was born! I spent close to $1,000 to complete the room-which was much cheaper than hiring a professional closet company; and I was able to create a more unique, boutique vibe....myself!

So, here's the deets:

Step 1: Paint

The previous home owners had some leftover paint in this beautiful jade color, so I took full advantage. Similar color here

Step 2: Install bookshelves

Ok, so two words: shoe wall. I could not wait to take my shoes out the box and display them on shelving. I always like to fold jeans, hoodies, sweaters, so I knew I needed an additional bookshelf for those items.

Step 3: Install clothing rods and brackets

I used 3 brackets per rod to ensure the rods could maintain the weight of the clothes. (the length of the rods were adjustable). The best place for the clothing rods were on both sides of the other bookshelf-thus creating the look of a top and bottom rod on both sides. If I had more wall height, I would have added a top shelf. My longer clothes (jumpsuits, maxi skirts/dresses) are hung inside the actual closet inside the room.

Step 4: Build and install dressers

Both dressers are from the Koppang line from IKEA.

Product links:

Spike Chandelier (Amazon)

Bench (Ross, old) (similar, here)

3-drawer dresser/island (IKEA)

5-drawer dresser (IKEA)

Rug (Amazon)

Curtains (Amazon)

Mirror (Thrifted)

Bookshelves (IKEA)

Wire rack (old, spray painted gold)

Clothing rods, brackets

Artwork (Hobby Lobby)

{Disclaimer: Affiliate Amazon links are used in which I receive commission for all items purchased from links I provide.}

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