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DIY Coffee & Tea Bar

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Well, hello there (I feel like I need a name to call you all...Flower Buds?!?)! Anywho, I’ve been getting a lot of comments and questions about this here Coffee & Tea bar ever since I revealed it last week.

So, here’s the deal: 1) my kitchen is very open and spacious (plans to add an island in the near future) and 2) I just had to do something to this wall. I’ve been eyeing the concept of Coffee & Tea bars for some time now, and this blank wall was definitely the perfect place. Next to it sits our open pantry, but I'll get to that on another post. Time to share the details on how I did it and where I got it...don't act like that's not why you're here!

The table was purchased back in April from Hobby Lobby (all furniture is typically 30% off each day). The handles were originally silver, but I spray painted them black (if you know me, you know that me and sprat paint-especially metallic gold-are BFFs)! I had to find a table with drawers since the inside needed to hold my coffee and tea options. Under the table was looking a bit lonely, so I began my hunt for wire baskets at a reasonable price. I found these two baskets from At Home for just $9.99 each (few dollars cheaper than the Target version) and filled them with disposable to-go cups for guests; and will later store larger containers/bags of coffee here too.

The Keurig was a housewarming gift (I’m in love) and retails for $140 (linked below). my older model Keurig broke some time ago, so I’m loving this updated, slimmer version.

The vase is an old find from Marshall’s; and is filled weekly with fresh flowers from my local grocery store.

The tray was found at TJ Maxx, but to give it a different look, I wrapped the handles in thin burlap string; the faux plant and sugar container were purchased from TJ Maxx as well (same day finds). Inside the sugar container is my favorite acrylic mini scoop purchased from the toy store...oh, I mean The Container Store! The honey dipper sticks are an old find from Amazon and were left over from a bee-themed baby shower I hosted. Lastly, I stocked the tray with my top two Starbucks syrup flavors, Caramel and Hazelnut, and some honey.

Next up, the coffee mug stand. The stand was purchase from Amazon, but of course-me being me-I spray painted it my favorite color….yep, you guessed it, metallic gold! The 12 oz. coffee mugs were picked up from IKEA.

Now to the part that catches your eye...the letters!! The flow of my home is very bright, colorful and eclectic; with hints of rustic elements (I know, that may be a lot to take in, but I promise it flows). Each room has it's own vibe. My goal with this bar was to tie in the main colors from most rooms in my home and make this very inviting. I wasn't that big of a coffee drinker before (I'm a tea girl), but with working from home more, I needed it to stand out and wake me up. The 'B-A-R' letters and 'Coffee' sign were both found at Hobby Lobby (50% off - score!); ampersand and the materials for the 'TEA' sign came from Michaels (used a coupon of course). The ampersand came in white, but I spray painted it this beautiful sea blue color. The T-E-A letters were also white originally, but I wrapped them in burlap string then super glued to the wooden plank sign to provide the rustic element.

Several items that I used do not have affiliated links, but I have posted the links to several items used below.

Try it out in your space! If you don't have a wall, maybe try setting up a little nook in your kitchen; or buy a cute bar cart! Try it out and share your pictures with me...tag me on Instagram (@flowergirl_87)!

Until next time....keep blossoming!!

Affiliated links

Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover, 12 Oz, Satin Magenta

(*the syrups can also be purchased separately at your local Walmart or grocery store)

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