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Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub

Happy Fall, Flower Buds!🍂🍁

Though Fall and the colder months are ahead of us, it can only mean one thing-dry skin! Well, I'm sure it means other things too, but dry skin and lips are one (or two). Stay with me here...LOL!

No matter the season, It's my daily routine to scrub my lips every morning at night right after washing my face. Years ago, I use to purchase lip scrub from a place in the mall. It smelled and tasted wonderful (don't act like I'm the only one who's had lip scrub accidently get in their mouth). Anywho, I remember thinking, "I know I can save money if I just made this myself!"

I ended up doing some research and realized how simple it actually was! It just took three easy ingredients. May not be, or taste, just like the one from the mall, but it smelled good and did the trick!

Here's what you'll need:

  1. White Sugar

  2. Coconut Oil

  3. Vanilla Extract

  4. Small bowl

  5. Spoon

  6. Small travel-sized container

*It's important to note, only white sugar can be used as brown sugar can create it's own bacteria after a while

Here what you do:

Mix sugar, coconut oil, and vanilla extract in a small bowl until it's just the right consistency (add more oil or sugar as needed). You don't need too much-just enough to fit in your travel-sized container.

....and that's it! So simple, the recipe doesn't even have measurements {video below}!

Until next time...keep blooming!🌷

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