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Desiree’ N. Williams
Owner & CEO 

Since birth, Desiree’ has been given the loving name of 'Flowergirl' by her Father. Little did she know a nickname would later develop, not only into a love for flowers, but the start of a new business adventure.  

As a healthcare professional and mother, her days are automatically at capacity. But when her son is tucked in bed and the computer is shut down, Desiree’ enters her crafty world. Always having a niche for fashion, organization, home décor, and ever-evolving DIY projects, it seemed like a safe place to be. Yet after purchasing her first home, she finally listened to the voice in her head and the advice of others-she picked up where she left off and got back into the influencer world. Owning her gifts, she became committed to lending her talents to the world.  Providing tips, organization consults, product and business reviews, DIY activities around the home, baking and more; Blossoms at Home is sure to provide you with all of the necessary tools and inspiration needed to modify areas in your world!

The Flower has finally blossomed!

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A flower must blossom in order to see it's full potential; but only with the right amount of nourishment! Blossoms at Home is a Home & Lifestyle company made to inspire you to think outside the box and be creative. Blossoms is your new home to interior design, DIY projects, home improvement, organization, tips & tricks, products reviews, and more! Our list of provided services and consultations are available to aid you in the process of transforming the place you call home.


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